The Basics of Beautiful Lighting

Lighting can dramatically affect the appearance of a home, both inside and out, making it look and feel stylish. The right lighting can add drama, set the tone and transform any space. And, with careful planning, light can make a small room look open and airy or a large room appear cozy and inviting. For it to be most effective, lighting should be as carefully planned as any other element of interior design, especially when decorating a new house or apartment.

The first question we at Luminaire Lighting always ask is; Which room are you looking for a light for?
In the first instance, we identify how the space is used and the activities that take place in the room. The nature of the activity will influence the type of lighting fixture you will choose for that space. You may need different types of light for specific functions.

For example, a kitchen will need brighter lights for the food preparation area, but in the evening time you may wish to relax and unwind, or chat with some friends. On the other hand, you may want to incorporate a dimmer to provide a more atmospheric light for that romantic dinner.


Task Lighting

Task lights are lights which give off a strong light which is focused on a particular area such as a countertop, over a mirror,or a study desk.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to emphasize features within a space, such as architectural. 

Ambient Light

Also called mood lighting, this lighting creates the atmosphere of your home, it is indirect and often much softer.           



If the ceiling is very high, you might want to consider increasing the light level. And if the room is painted in dark colours which absorb more light, additional lighting may also be required. Various lighting techniques and lighting controls provide you with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and style of your home.

Applied expertly, lighting can make tasks easier to perform and increase security, allowing you to take full advantage of your home and enjoying its full potential. You can get creative and light your home in a way that suits your own individual style.


If your home is a little dark, you can choose recessed lighting to add brightness. Recessed lights give off a spread of light over the room, which creates the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. You can now feel the added elegance and style reflected in your space.


Wall brackets will spill indirect light onto sections of the wall to form interesting backdrops. Wall lights are a great way of introducing more light into a room and they can enhance the décor and furniture layout, by creating a multitude of layered lighting effects.


If you don’t have the option of recessed lights or wall lights, then table and floor lamps are ideal for task lighting any space and providing some extra brightness. There is no doubt that well placed, colour coordinated table and floor lamps give any room the ambience you want whilst providing the just the right amount of light.


With so many different lighting options available for every room in your home, it’s easy to express yourself with lighting schemes that reflect your own personality. Light fittings should serve a functional purpose and add a decorative element to your home.

Consider the style of the room – is the design contemporary, traditional, eclectic? What mood or ambiance do you want to create in each space? Consider the seating areas - where will people sit? Consider the architectural features – what points are to be emphasized? And then the rest is down to your own individual taste. So you can decorate your home to show off your character and style, whilst bringing a touch of sparkle to the interior of your home.

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