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Happy New Year 2024
Happy New Year 2024

Illustri 6 FEZ

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I Lustri
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I LUSTRI | Ceramic pendant lamp
Ceramic pendant lamp

I Lustri” contains a collection of suspensions with a minimalistic design and appealing effects.
The finishes available are: metallic luster in gold, platinum or copper, manually done by brush in previously glazed ceramic,  the beautiful black metallic,or iridescent, also manually done  by brush or spray; the special matte glazed finish of black and white, with their charming looks opaque and silky.
The "lustro" finishing is a process of  third firing decoration on pottery. For decoration are used materials such as 24 karat gold or 22 karat platinum.
All the “lustro” decoration is applied by brush, with a steady and precise hand.The object, after a first firing of the biscuit  at 1000°, is glazed and fired at 995°; is then decorated witht he "lustro" technique and fired again  at 750 °; then for the realization of a "Lustro"  striped with gold, or platinum or copper is required a further fourth firing at 750°.
The ancient art of ceramics proposed by Aldo Bernardi in these lines, keeps its undisputed craftsmanship, but contains the embryo for new researches and new results.

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