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ILLUSTRI L1 24 Carat Gold and Copper China hat

Original price €850.00 - Original price €850.00
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€850.00 - €850.00
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Decorated with 24 cart gold this beautiful ceramic fitting will enhance any area.It has A standard E27 lampholder.

Shade height 210mm

The technique used in our collection is the casting luster, containing a layer of the
following precious metals: gold 24 carat, 22 carat platinum and copper entitled to 90%.
The procedure part from the object out of the mold that, cleaned and dried, is fired at 1000°
and then glazed by immersion; the enamel is then sprayed and subsequently subjected to
a second cooking at 995°. Then proceeds to the decoration of the luster, spreading with a
brush, with a steady and precise hand, the different deposits of precious metals previously
described (gold, platinum or copper). It continues with a further third fire at 750°.