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Happy New Year 2024
Happy New Year 2024


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his constant voltage installation style 12v, 30w, 2.5Amp LED driver is an ideal product for powering our 24w LifeStyle or ProFlex 12v products. Simply connect the driver into a suitable mains supply and then connect the output female jack socket to the male jack plug fitted to the flex.

As we recommend that a driver should power products at approximately 75% of the value of the driver, for this 30w unit the recommended load is between 22w and 24w which corresponds to 1 x 5m roll of our 24w LifeStyle or our ProFlex 12v product range. It is good practice to specify a driver with a capable load of more than the product it is powering but it must not be connected to a load greater than the 75% tolerance of the driver otherwise this will shorten the life of the unit.

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